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“The most knowledgeable and caring staff I’ve ever met. They’re never shy to share their insight, and they always know about developments and new strategies in the sport.”

-Alex, MOE (Evans Rd.) Tennis Centre

“The coaches really care about everyone. Both me and my husband take classes and they change the classes based on how we’re feeling and what we need to work on.”

-Chiaoyi, River Valley Apartments

“I’m so impressed that the coaches will come to apartment complex. Having kids at home it makes my life so much easier to not have to travel to practice tennis. That feature is a life-saver for me.”

-Kevin, The Stellar Condominium

“Going to FSA classes is the best part of my week. It’s a great outlet to have after working all day and I wish I could go more often.”

-Mike, River Valley

“Sending my daughter to the tennis camp was probably the best thing I ever did for her. She gained so much confidence playing tennis and feeling stronger in general.”

-Jessica, Mt. Sophia Rd.

“I was hesitant when I saw that our class of 4 people had people with very different levels and experience. But the coaches customized the lessons so they fit with each of our needs, and challenged us appropriately.”

-Sarah, Flametree Apartments

“My tennis skills skyrocketed after just a few months of lessons at FSA. I could barely hit backhand when I got there and now I’m able to add spin to nearly every shot!”

-Zachary, Australian International School

“The instructors at FSA are what really make this organization special. They’re highly skilled and highly knowledgeable, but understand how to simplify tasks to fit everyone’s needs.”

-Joanna, Centro Apartments

“The days my son has tennis lessons are the happiest days in his week. He comes home and talks all evening about what he learned and how excited he is for the next lesson.”

-Ben, Nuovo Apartments

“I’ve never had such a positive experience with a coach. He was patient with me, and broke down step-by-step how to enhance my serve. Highly recommended.”

-Ian, Yio Chu Kang Tennis Centre

Tennis Programs Available


Coach, Leslie Tiong
Leslie picked up tennis at the age of 9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he grew up in his early childhood and had an outstanding junior playing career. Combine with an extensive range of tennis teaching accreditation from the Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association (GPTCA), US Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) and Australasian Association of Tennis Coaches (AATC), you know you are in the right hands!

He was amongst the top #2 players in the state of Kuala Lumpur, and consistently in the top #8 nationally, in Malaysia, for his age group prior to his move to Singapore. At the age of 13, Leslie played his first international match at the Asian 14/U series raking up much points to finish 28th in the region - moving into ITF tournaments when he got older. When he turned 14, Leslie moved to Singapore and continued to make an impression on the tennis scene - consistently ranked amongst the top #5 players for his age category. Leslie won numerous singles and doubles titles throughout his playing career representing schools, clubs, country and himself.

With his wealth of competitive and training experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, Leslie will structure the ideal tennis program for you!

Coach, Muhd Sheqal.
Sheqal was introduced to tennis by his tennis-teacher father as early as he knew how to walk. He is a testament that it is never too early to start playing tennis!

During his youth, Sheqal was an accomplished national junior tennis player. He was ranked highest 5th in Singles for the u/14 and u/16 categories nationally in Singapore. Also, with his burning desire to be the best, he continually travelled to Malaysia to play junior tournaments for exposure and experience.

Certified by the Australasian Association of Tennis Coaches (AATC), Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and NCAP, you are ensured that you are getting a coach who is well informed and rich in competitive experience. With 15 years of tennis experience, including a 5 year run (and on-going) as a coach on the ACS Primary school CCA program, Sheqal is great with kids and committed to their development.

Coach, Tan Jian Zhou, "JZ"
Commonly referred to by his peers, clients and students alike as JZ, he is an extremely adept tennis player and coach. Although picking up tennis late, at the age of 17, JZ is a testament that hard work, determination and passion for the game will get you anywhere your mind desires.

Certified by the US Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), you know you are getting a coach who is technically proficient with the ability to explain the different aspects of tennis - forehand, backhand, serve and volleys. Moreover, he previously served as an assistant coach to the coaching teams of Henry Park Primary School, St Joseph Institution International School and Nanyang Polytechnic Development Team for Tennis.

With this, JZ has a wealth of experience working with kids in the junior programs so expect a lot of great tennis lessons from him!

Coach, Zul
Zul, was a standout competitive national junior player - Ranked as high as #2 in the 12 and under category in Singapore. Equipped with solid ground strokes and penetrative volleys, he had a deadly reputation as a doubles player in the national tennis scene. During his youth, Zul played an integral part of his alma mater - St. Joseph Institution & Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) - with him receiving the prestigious Colours Award for Outstanding Athletes from both schools. Now serving alongside Sheqal at the ACS Primary School Tennis CCA program, with his coaching accreditation from the US Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches, Zul is a valuable member to the Future Sports Tennis Team.

Coach, Nash
Nash, a former Director of Tennis at Swiss Club Singapore with over 20 years of experience, is well versed in the management of club programs – tennis lessons in Singapore will never be the same again! From organising club events, junior and adult programs, Nash brings a wealth of experience to the Future Sports Academies Singapore tennis team.

Expect high intensity, fun and great workouts with our “star” tennis coach amongst the tods tennis program (4-7 years old) and Women’s International Tennis Singapore (WITS) team sessions. Certified by the United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) as a professional by Dr. Louie Cap, Nash will keep you on your toes and on your feet for your next tennis workout!

Coach, Kazuki Nakamura
Coach, Kazuki Nakamura - Kazuki was a standout competitive national junior elite tennis player in Singapore – winning the national categories at the 10s, 12s and 14s level for both Singles and Doubles before migrating overseas to further his tennis education. During his playing career, Kazuki travelled extensively for ITF and ATF tournaments representing Singapore receiving accolades wherever he went. After completing high school, Kazuki travelled to the USA to continue his tennis education at the John Newcombe Tennis Academy where he honed his skills and gathered much experience and knowledge on the game of tennis working with elite tennis coaches.

Joining the team here at Future Sports Academies Singapore, Coach Kazuki will bring his experience of training as an elite tennis professional to aspiring junior tennis players in Singapore looking to reach the next level.

Why join with us

Discover and master skills such as basic tennis techniques, hand-eye coordination, tennis strategies, game psychology, drills and activities to strengthen your strokes.

Maintain an interactive and fun environment for players.

Our goal is to deliver professional, high quality programs that incorporate the latest developments in game techniques.

Range of programs for every age and playing level.

Experience tennis lessons conducted by Singapore's premier tennis coaches.

Private Tennis Lesson Versus Group Tennis Lesson. Which is better for you?

If you are thinking about starting to play tennis, you will surely be confronted to having to choose between private lessons or a group class. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Private lessons: technique at your own pace

A private tennis lesson will have you being one-on-one with your tennis instructor. This is obviously great, because all the attention will be on you. You can truly learn at your own pace, without having to level down to the slowest learner in the group. The tennis coach will also focus on exactly what you need to work on, giving you a tailored training. So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, it is a great option if you want that focus to be on you for results!

Certain specific cases can also benefit from private tennis lessons. If you are left-handed and a beginner, for instance, a private lesson could be more beneficial. Indeed, sometimes the instructor will ask the group to stand in a corner of the court and hit forehands – that would not work the same for you!

Last, but not least, private tennis lessons are the most likely to work for you if you have a busy schedule and are not available during traditional group classes times. An instructor is more likely to take you on early in the morning or late at night if you are booking a one-on-one session with him.

Get back into shape thanks to group tennis classes

As the name suggests, in a group class, whether you are a kid or adult learner, you will be taught how to play along with several other players. This can be interesting in many ways. When playing around other people, it is easier to notice what mistakes they are making than to acknowledge your own mistakes. Seeing what others are doing wrong, and how it is corrected by the instructor can help you make progress quicker.

Group lessons are also usually more fun, dynamic and allows you to make friends who can become playing partners for that extra weekend session! When you are just starting and especially if you are out of shape, group lessons are also a good choice, as they will be less physically challenging. Remember, make sure to choose the right group for your level when you sign up. You don’t want to be joining an advanced tennis group when you are looking for beginner tennis lessons!

Finally, group lessons are the most cost-effective for players on a budget. With more players on court, you get to interact with others, learn from their mistakes, and have fun! What better way than that correct?

Get the best of both worlds!

As we have just seen, both private tennis lessons and group classes have advantages inherent to their nature. As such, the best of strategies for any individual’s development would be to opt for a mix of both forms of training.

Focus on your technique and strengthen your weaknesses in a private lesson, and put everything you have learned in practice during a group class. There are plenty of academies and tennis coaches in Singapore – whether you are an adult or looking for a tennis lesson for your kid, choose wisely and make sure you start at the right place! While private lessons will give you great skills, group classes are an amazing way to test yourself against different players and to experience different types of game, like doubles. After all, tennis is a social sport and why pick up a sport if you are always going to be playing with the tennis coach only!

Lastly, above all, the most important thing will be to choose your instructor and tennis coach carefully, and to get a good feeling and relationship with him. Understand the tennis program that is being offered. You want to be learning the basics correctly from instructors that know their stuff. As the saying goes, “where you start, determines how you play.” Hence, don’t pinch over a couple of dollars if it gets you on your way; so start your tennis journey with Future Sports today!

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