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Group Tennis Lessons FAQ

Group Tennis Lessons FAQ

Tennis is a very fun, interesting, and engaging sport to play. Not only is it excellent for cardiovascular fitness but it also does wonders for gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Tennis is also suitable for people of all ages and abilities so anyone can have a go at hitting the ball on the court.

There are many options when it comes to tennis lessons and learning the fundamentals to truly enjoy the game in Singapore. Some people prefer private one-on-one lessons whereas others enjoy group lessons to learn. Here are some frequently asked questions about group lessons to help you understand how they operate better.

What will I learn in group tennis lessons?

Group tennis lessons are a really great way to be paired with someone of a similar skill level and put the skills you’re learning to real time practice. Throughout group lessons you will be learning different hitting techniques such as forehands, backhands, and volleys. You will also get a chance to practice overhead smash shots with your partner. In group lessons, there is more opportunity to have serving practice and have your partner return the serve while the tennis coach continues to give practical and useful advice.

How long do group lessons last?

One advantage of group lessons is that there is more chance for them to last longer than private lessons. Whereas private lessons tend to run for 60 minutes, group lessons sometimes last up to 1.5 to 2 hours. This is because the tennis coach needs more time to talk to each learner individually and work on development of the players as a whole. Throughout group lessons there are also chances for one player to take a break while the other has some one-on-one coaching. Groups tennis lessons are a great space for players to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe and non-competitive environment, so the more time for this the better.

Can group lessons lead to competitive tennis?

Tennis can be as sociable and fun as it is serious and competitive. Often group lessons are a great way to introduce beginners to tennis in an enjoyable and non-competitive environment. However, if you are interested in pursuing something more and achieving some goals on the tennis court, individual and competitive coaching is the way to go. Group lessons are a great segway to this and a really beneficial starting point.

How many players are in a group?

This is really up to the tennis club you choose and how flexible they are. The more players in a group, the cheaper the tennis lessons are. Generally, there will be at least 2 people in a group tennis lesson and no more than 6. Often, you can enroll with a friend in group tennis lessons and have it either be just the two of you, or learning with some others.

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