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Our mission is to provide high-quality tennis programmes in a holistic approach that incorporates the latest development in the game techniques and cutting-edge training methodologies.

Our team of passionate and experienced coaches strives to help our players reach their full potential.

To learn more about our commitment to your child’s and your tennis future, do drop us a note below!



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    Coach Leslie

    At the Future Sports Academies, Coach Leslie wears multiple hats; he serves as an elite coach and a mentor to his students and coaches since the establishment of the tennis academy in 2015. With over ten years of experience involved in coaching tennis, Coach Leslie assures that you or your child

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    Coach Sheqal

    You may be interested to know that Coach Sheqal was introduced to the sport of tennis by his father, who is a tennis coach himself since Sheqal has learned to walk. He serves as a testament to all that it is NEVER TOO EARLY to start engaging in this beautiful sport. In the days of his youth, engaging in competitive

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    Coach JZ

    Throughout his coaching career, Coach Jian Zhou, better known as Coach JZ, has demonstrated full commitment to delivering results for each of his students. JZ has dedicated his life to full-time coaching since his graduation day. As an adept player since his school years and with his passion

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    • You will discover and master skills that include basic tennis techniques, hand-eye coordination, tennis strategies, game psychology through tennis drills and activities to strengthen your strokes and movements.
    • We maintain an interactive and fun tennis environment for our students and players to fully express themselves.
    • We deliver professional, high-quality tennis programmes that incorporate the latest developments in the game techniques.
    • We offer a range of programmes for every age and playing level – whether you are looking for adult tennis coaching or junior tennis lessons, we’ve got you covered!
    • You will experience tennis lessons conducted by leading tennis coaches in Singapore.



    Group Tennis Lessons and Private Tennis Lessons

    Group Lesson

    • Learn from your group mates from their correct executions or mistakes
    • Engage in a fun and dynamic environment
    • Opportunities to socialise and make new friends
    • Opportunities to engage in doubles games
    • Engage in a competitive environment that helps in learning especially from match-plays
    • Perceived cost-effectiveness



    Private Lesson

    • 100% attention to the individual(s)
    • Fully customised training based on individual(s)’ playing ability
    • Work on a specific skill thoroughly
    • Correction can be done immediately by the coach
    • You make mistakes without being too self-conscious
    • Suitable for cases such as left-handed player
    • Flexibility in the scheduling of lessons



    What is the verdict?

    Why not have the best of both worlds? At Future Sports Academies, we recommend attending both group and private tennis lessons. Work on your technical skills and specific skills in your private lessons and put them to test in group lessons- that’s the best way to go!



    Alex, MOE (Evans Rd.) Tennis Centre

    “The most knowledgeable and caring staff I’ve ever met. They’re never shy to share their insight, and they always know about developments and new strategies in the sport.”

    Chiaoyi, River Valley Apartments

    “The coaches really care about everyone. Both me and my husband take classes and they change the classes based on how we’re feeling and what we need to work on.”

    Kevin, The Stellar Condominium

    “I’m so impressed that the coaches will come to apartment complex. Having kids at home it makes my life so much easier to not have to travel to practice tennis. That feature is a life-saver for me.”

    Mike, River Valley

    “Going to FSA classes is the best part of my week. It’s a great outlet to have after working all day and I wish I could go more often.”

    Jessica, Mt. Sophia Rd.

    “Sending my daughter to the tennis camp was probably the best thing I ever did for her. She gained so much confidence playing tennis and feeling stronger in general.”

    Sarah, Flametree Apartments

    “I was hesitant when I saw that our class of 4 people had people with very different levels and experience. But the coaches customized the lessons so they fit with each of our needs, and challenged us appropriately.”

    Zachary, Australian International School

    “My tennis skills skyrocketed after just a few months of lessons at FSA. I could barely hit backhand when I got there and now I’m able to add spin to nearly every shot!”

    Joanna, Centro Apartments

    “The instructors at FSA are what really make this organization special. They’re highly skilled and highly knowledgeable, but understand how to simplify tasks to fit everyone’s needs.”

    Ben, Nuovo Apartments

    “The days my son has tennis lessons are the happiest days in his week. He comes home and talks all evening about what he learned and how excited he is for the next lesson.”

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