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Beginner Tennis Lessons FAQ

Beginner Tennis Lessons FAQ

Every great tennis champion had to start somewhere and beginner tennis are just the place to start out. For budding tennis enthusiasts, no matter what age, starting out on the court needs to start with the basics. Beginner tennis lessons are the best way to build confidence, gain skills, and learn the fundamentals of tennis to truly enjoy and benefit from the game.

Here are many frequently asked questions about beginner tennis lessons and some useful answers to keep in mind.

How long should lessons be?

When just starting out in tennis, you don’t want to overdo it. This is an effective way to put beginners off the game, rather than really enjoy their time. Therefore, having just a hour lesson once or twice a week is enough for beginners. This amount of time gets you used to the sport, develop some skills, tone the muscles, and whet your appetite for more.

What do beginners actually learn?

This question is certainly valid in wondering just what beginners will learn in their lessons. Since you shouldn’t expect to be playing a ferocious tennis match and hitting incredible shots straight away, it is important to know what you get out of beginner classes.

The basics of beginner tennis include learning these skills:

  • Forehands
  • Backhand
  • Volleys
  • Serving
  • Slicing
  • Footwork
  • Adding spin to a shot

Will the coach be patient?

Beginner tennis is a fun time for learning and getting to know the game. Of course, you will be learning from tennis coaches with years of experience who know the ins and outs of the tennis court like the back of their hand. Nonetheless, beginner tennis coaches sign up for the role because they are patient and empathetic in teaching.

Beginner tennis coaches will have plenty of time for you to learn how to play tennis and not feel pressure when you make inevitable mistakes. Beginner tennis coaches wouldn’t be coaches for beginners if they didn’t come with the right attitude and personality.

What are the best drills for beginners?

Part of tennis lessons and learning to play include doing drills and exercise to build and enhance the skills needed for tennis. Some drills that should take place in beginner tennis lessons include stationary drills where the learner stands in the middle of the court without moving to hit the ball. The tennis coach should direct the ball so that the beginner can return it with only moving their feet and arms to forehand or backhand position, not having to dive to the other side of the court. In time, mobile running shots will happen, but not in the early beginner stages.

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