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Kids Tennis Lessons FAQ

Kids Tennis Lessons FAQ

From any age when a child can grasp a tennis racket in their hand (typically starting from ages 4 and up), tennis lessons are an excellent way to improve fitness, build gross motor skills, and get kids active and about. Tennis lessons for kids can take place at any age and for any skillset. There are always tennis options to find a suitable coach or group for your child in Singapore, wherever they are at in their tennis enthusiasm!

If you are looking for tennis lessons for kids, no doubt you have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and some helpful answers to put your mind at ease.

What tennis racket should a child use?

Of course, for a child to play tennis, they need the most important tool which is the tennis racket. Since kids come in a range of sizes and heights, tennis rackets need to do the same for growing bodies. Here is a rough sizing guide to follow, but it is most important to get your child to try and test a racket before committing to buying it.

  • Ages 0-4: 19″
  • Ages 4-5: 21″
  • Ages 6-7: 23″
  • Ages 8-10: 25″
  • Ages 10-12: 26″
  • Ages 12 & up: adult size-27″-29″

What type of lesson it best for a child?

There are many options when it comes to kids tennis lessons in Singapore. Depending on your child’s personality, skill set, and fitness level, they might prefer one over the other. You can choose between private lessons, group lessons, or semi-private lessons which is normally shared between your child and someone else of a similar age, often a friend. This should be a choice that your child has a big say in since they are the ones actually playing on the court and need to feel comfortable.

How long should kids play tennis for?

The answer to this one depends very much on what else is going on in a child’s life. If tennis is the only sport they are playing, then lessons up to 4 times a week is appropriate. If they are playing other sports, then lessons 2 times a week is more beneficial. Either way, tennis lessons shouldn’t last more than two hours at a time so that the muscles are not overworked. Lessons should also factor in time for stretching and warming up/cooling down before and after playing.

What will children learn in tennis lessons?

The most fundamental skills are taught in tennis lessons for children. This includes things like learning a good forehand and backhand technique, refining the serve, and hitting volleys and overhead shots. Children would also learn appropriate footwork on the court which helps to improve their coordination.

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