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Kids Tennis Program

Kids Tennis Program

Kids Tennis Program

At Future Sports Academies Singapore, tennis lessons for kids are critical in developing skills in young players who are committed to playing tennis competitively and for children who intend to learn tennis the correct way and to play for enjoyment and health.

Building fundamental movement skills is core to what we instil to the kids to develop solid foundations to play and stay in the sport of tennis for life.

Kids Tennis Program
Kids Tennis Program

Future Sports Academies tennis classes for kids programme arouses enthusiasm in kids in playing tennis, staying outdoors and staying fit and discipline. Our tennis lessons for kids in Singapore is one of our star programmes!

More and more parents in Singapore are realising the unique advantages (i.e. life skills development) that tennis can offer their children. To name a few, mental strength, honesty, discipline, self-confidence and perseverance that schools do not regularly emphasise these days. Simply put, these are just some of the important life lessons that kids can learn through tennis!

Kids Tennis Program

Are you concerned that your child may be too attached to technology?

You’re certainly not alone. What happened to the good old days when kids went outside to play? Science has proven that children who spend adequate time outside each day demonstrate increased fitness level, higher attention span, strengthened immune system, heightened creativity, and even better vision. For kids, having more outdoor times is certainlya big deal.

Of all the outdoor activities to choose from, why choose tennis?

Science has proven that those who play regular tennis enjoy a massive amount of physiological benefits that include:
  • improved oxygen flow
  • better bone health
  • increased aerobic and anaerobic health
  • lowered risk of heart disease
  • decreased excess fat
Kids Tennis Program

The list could go on. Particularly interesting is that children get all of these health benefits while having loads of fun! Incredibly, keeping your child healthy can be that easy. It’s like giving your children a plate full of vegetables, only to see them devour them and beg for more! Sounds pretty great, huh? What is more? With all of the health benefits that tennis offers, it surprises many parents to learn that competitive tennis is 20% physical and 80% mental. Tennis develops invaluable intellects that include:

Kids Tennis Program
  • strategic thinking
  • emotion management
  • problem-solving

and coveted character traits such as:

  • perseverance
  • diligence
  • competitive spirit

As students acquire these skills, they’re likely to keep them for the rest of their lives.

“Alright, you’ve convinced me. Tennis sounds perfect for my child. But why should I enrol with Future Sports Academies?”

Future Sports Academies (FSA) sets the bar high for tennis lessons in Singapore. We are the premier tennis academy in Singapore! Our tennis coaches in Singapore comprise professionals with years of experience playing and coaching the sport we love.

Kids Tennis Program

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our student’s parents have to say:


Much to our delight, parents who enrol their children in our children tennis classes in Singapore often give us feedback just like this. And best of all, our students love their tennis classes even more than their parents do. Many of our students become friends with one another. Some even decide to book personal tennis lessons with the tennis coaches at our academy or sign up for more kids group tennis classes immediately after their first class!

Program Duration:


Red ball Orange ball Green ball
1hr: $40/session
1.5hr: $50/session
1.5hr: $50/session 1.5hr: $50/session
Junior Development (JD) 1 Advanced 1 (A1) Advanced 2 (A2) Performance 1 (P1)
1.5hr: $55/session 2hr: $75/session 2hr: $80/session
2.5hr: $100/session
2.5hr: $100/session
Minimum 2x weekly commitment
1x weekly at the discretion of the coach and +$20/session
Private Lesson
1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4
FSA venues and your condos – please enquire about the rate and arrangement with us.


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