Kids Tennis Lessons Singapore

Kids Tennis Lessons Singapore

Kids Tennis Programs

Junior tennis lessons are the most important aspect of developing skills in young players who are serious about playing tennis competitively, or those who just want to play for fun and health reasons. Our junior tennis program encourages children to be enthusiastic about playing tennis, being outdoors, and staying fit.

Our Kids Tennis Program is one of our most popular, and for good reason! More and more parents in Singapore are realizing the unique advantages that tennis can offer their children.

Are you concerned that your child may be too attached to technology? You’re certainly not alone. What happened to the good old days when kids went outside to play?

Science has proven that children who spend time outside each day demonstrate increased fitness levels, higher attention spans, stronger immune systems, heightened creativity, and even better vision. For kids, outdoor time is kind of a big deal.

But of all the outdoor activities to choose from, why tennis?

Because tennis players enjoy a massive amount of physiological benefits, such as

  • improved oxygen flow
  • better bone health
  • increased aerobic and anaerobic health
  • lowered risk of heart disease
  • decreased excess fat

We could go on and on... But the point is that children get all of this while having loads of fun... When has keeping your child healthy ever been so easy? It’s like giving your child a plate full of vegetables, only to see her devour them and beg for more!
Sounds pretty great, huh? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
With all of the health benefits tennis offers, it surprises many parents to learn that competitive tennis is actually 20% physical and 80% mental. In fact...
Tennis develops invaluable mental skills, including

  • strategic thinking
  • emotion management
  • problem solving well as coveted character traits like

  • perseverance
  • diligence
  • a competitive spirit

And because students learn them at a young age, they’re likely to hold on to these skills for the rest of their lives. Tennis jumpstarts children on a healthy lifestyle and then keeps them on that path for life.
“Alright, you’ve convinced me. Tennis sounds perfect for my child. But why should I enrol with Future Sports Academies?”
Future Sports Academies (FSA) sets the bar high for tennis lessons in Singapore. We are the premier tennis academy in the country! Our staff is made up of professionals with years of experience playing and coaching the sport we love.
But don’t just take our word for it--here’s what some of our student’s parents have to say:

Much to our delight, parents that enrol their children in our Kids Tennis Program often give us feedback just like this.
And best of all, our students love their classes even more than their parents do. Many of our students become friends with one another. Some even decide to book private individual or group lessons immediately after their first class!
If you’re interested in a healthy (and incredibly fun) way to help your child develop physically, mentally, and socially, look no further.
Sign your child up for our Kids Tennis Program and check out our Adults Tennis Lessons for yourself as well today!


Our junior tennis program can cater to any skill level. Each and every student will go through 4 stage of tennis:


Future Talent

Introduction to tennis and the basic techniques (dependant on age and speed of learning), rules and regulations for tennis.


Future Rookie

Encompass the development from the basic strokes to include more technical aspects to bring the junior game to the next level; whilst introducing concepts about match play.


Future Rising Star

Focus on more advanced competitive match play concepts, using more ‘live ball’ drills. Juniors will learn about mental toughness and advance techniques to fine tune technical aspects of their game to prepare them for the elite level.


Future G.S. Champ

The ultimate level for junior players. The training programme will focus on improving their unique strengths and minimising their weaknesses.

Program Duration:


No. of Hour No. of Lessons No. of Players Fee per Hour
1 hour 10 lessons 1 player $80-$100/hr + Court Fee (if any)


No. of Hour No. of Lessons No. of Players Fee per Hour
1 hour 10 lessons 2 players $45/hr per person
1 hour 10 lessons 3 players $35/hr per person
1 hour 10 lessons 4 players $30/hr per person


No. of Hour No. of Lessons No. of Players Fee per Hour
1.5 hours 10 lessons 5 or more $30/hr per person

For more information on the different classes available, do fill up the form at our Contact Us page.

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