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Adult Tennis Lessons FAQ

Adult Tennis Lessons FAQ

Tennis is a game for all to enjoy and there is truly no age limit on when to start playing or when to jump back on the court after some time away. There are many options available for adults wanting to play tennis, learn the skills again, or even start from scratch and pick up a racket for the first time.If you are keen to start playing tennis as an adult, here are some frequently asked questions about adult tennis lessons with Future Tennis Academy Singapore to give you an extra motivation to pursue your tennis goals.

What kind of lessons are available?

For adults, you have a pretty clear sense of how you learn best. So choosing between group or private lessons will be easier. Private tennis lessons are ideal if you are beginning and want to learn the basics at an accelerated pace or if you are looking to fine tune your game, as the coach can really hone in on the skills. Group tennis lessons are also suitable for this, especially if you learn in more social settings. Alternatively, you can join in our social tennis lessons at Future Sports Academies where you play social games which are grouped depending on skills and abilities. This is a more casual and flexible way to learn tennis skills and recommended for adults who already have a firm grasp on the basics.

What do adults learn in tennis lessons?

Similar to junior tennis lessons, adult tennis lessons will cover much of the basics and fundamentals. Of course, this does depend on your skill level and past ability. Adult tennis lessons can be about learning from scratch or refining skills already present in muscle memory. Either way, things such as the forehand, backhand, serve, volley, and overhead shots will be covered on the court.

Where and when can these lessons take place?

Since adults do tend to have busier schedules than children, fitting in tennis lessons can be more challenging. However, there are many tennis clubs and associations that have flexible training and lesson times. Sometimes they can even be scheduled for during work lunch breaks or later in the evenings, or there are always weekend options. It is just a matter of finding the right tennis club with suitable lessons to fit into your working week.Contact us at +65-98528773 or tennis@futuresportsacademies.com to find out more about the tennis programs and lessons that we conduct across Singapore. Join the Future Tennis experience today!

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