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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tennis racquet should I buy?

Your budget will largely determine which racquet you purchase, however a $300 racquet will not make a beginner play like Roger Federer. Selecting the right racquet for you will have an effect on your comfort levels while playing, and as a result, how well you are able to hit the ball and how quickly you tire out. Modern tennis racquets are light weight, and can differ in head size and shape between models. Ideally, you should test out several racquets to see how they feel in your hand before deciding on one for you.

Younger children are best off starting with a smaller scale racquet so that they are able to swing through the ball without hitting the ground. Just as important as the raquet are your strings – some string types and tensions are made for increased power, whilst others are aimed at increasing control. As you become a more proficient player, you will become more familiar with the type and tension of strings you prefer for your style of play.

How often should I practice?

The more you play, the better you will get. It really is that simple. Whether you have an hour per week to dedicate to tennis, or if you want to play almost everyday, you’ll notice your skills and knowledge of the game improving steadily over time. Even if your time is limited, playing tennis just a few times each month will enhance your fitness, health, flexibility and strength.

What kind of clothes and shoes should I wear for tennis?

Wearing a pair of shoes that have been designed specifically for tennis is ideal. These generally have a smoother, flatter sole rather than the more jagged soles on regular running shoes which will give you a sticky feeling on the court which can lead to tripping over when you have to stop suddenly and change direction, which is a core part of movement on the tennis court.

Should I do group or private lessons?

There are benefits to both private and group lessons, and many people select to do both. Group lessons give players the opportunity to participate in rallies and games with other players of a similar skill level. This is invaluable for match practice. Private lessons are ideal for the more serious player who wishes to have the full attention of the coach, who is then able to pinpoint specific weaknesses and develop programs that are tightly targeted to developing individual aspects of the player’s game. Many players select to supplement their private lessons with regular group lessons or hitting sessions.

I'm an adult, is it too late to start learning tennis?

It’s never too late to start! Fitness is a lifelong endeavour, and if you’ve only just made the decision to focus on your health and fitness by playing tennis, it will be one of the best choices you’ve ever made whether you are 15 or 65. Adults will enjoy group tennis, cardio tennis and other programs that encourage tennis skill improvement, combined with fitness activities that increase strength and flexibility.

What is the youngest age I should put my child into tennis lessons?

It is well known that children are able to pick up new skills quickly when they start young, and tennis is no different. Children from the age of three can be placed into tennis classes, where they will be able to develop their motor skills and coordination. Lessons for the youngest of kids are best kept short, so as to ensure that their attention is maintained. No matter what age your child is, he or she will be placed into a group or private training program that best caters to his or her skill level and experience.

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