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5 attributes of a good tennis coach and choosing the correct one for you!

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5 attributes of a good tennis coach and choosing the correct one for you!

Not all tennis coaches are created equal. A great player will not necessarily turn out to be a good coach. So what makes a great tennis coach, and what should you look for when choosing yours? We will tell you everything in this article!

1. Proper qualifications

Being a tennis coach, and being a good one, requires qualifications. Training people of all levels is something that requires learning and experience. In Singapore, look out for coaches certified by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), the US Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), the Australasian Association of Tennis Coaches (AATC), or the Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association (GPTCA). These are a few coaching accreditations that tennis instructors are certified by.

2. How well does your coach play?

If the playing level of a coach is not everything, it is still an important factor to take into account. The more time he has spent on the tennis court, the more attention to detail he is likely to pay. Someone who has worked a lot on their game will be better equipped to spot your mistakes quickly and correct them properly.

Check if the coach you are interested in has won any tournaments, and if he has ranked at a regional or national level. Also, a tennis coach who has worked with different types of players and at various tennis schools would be better equipped to understand the player’s needs.

3. Student record

It can also be a good idea to look into who your potential coach has taught before. Did they achieve their goals? Have they ever competed? And if so, what was their level? How much did they progress? The answers to all those questions will help you assess how efficient your coach has been with others, and if he is capable of getting the best out go you.

If possible, it can also be interesting to get in touch with current or former students of the coach, to know what kind of relationship they had with him, and how much pleasure they were feeling from their tennis lessons. You always learn better when you are happy on the court!

4. Experience

Coaches with several years of experience are usually better than those just starting out. Of course, this is a general rule and you will always find some exceptions. But someone who has been in the loop for years, and even more so if he has been employed in the same club for a long time, is likely to be good and reliable.

5. Communication skills

This part may be often overlooked by future clients, but communication skills are essential when looking for a tennis coach. Indeed, if your coach does not clearly communicate with you, or if there is not a good feeling between the two of you, your learning pleasure and your progression will likely be affected.

If possible, try to meet up with the coach for a chat before committing to a whole season with him. You will thus be able to assess his personality, and if his teaching style will work with you.

In Singapore, you will most definitely have solid tennis coaches that can be found island wide. At the Future Sports Academies tennis school, you are ensured tennis instructors and coaches that are put through their paces to ensure that they fit in with their proven methodology of building players. They are friendly, professional and put your specific needs before anything else. Several locations are available across the island, making it convenient for anyone to get to them. It’s important to learn tennis from an instructor at a reputable tennis school to ensure that you start playing tennis for life!

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