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The 5 best reasons to get your kid to start playing tennis!

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The 5 best reasons to get your kid to start playing tennis!

5 best reasons for kids tennis lessons in singapore

Tennis lessons for kids can be greatly beneficial for your child’s development! It will teach them many useful skills beyond the primary physical effort that everyone first thinks about in sports. Let us explore the 5 best reasons for you to get your child started playing tennis today in Singapore!

  1. He will get in great shape

Tennis is a physically demanding game. It requires the player to hit the ball and run around the court to retrieve it during the whole tennis lesson. For that reason, when practicing tennis on a regular basis, your kid will get stronger, faster, and will enhance his endurance abilities. This is a great way to lose weight and stay fit while having fun!

  1. He will learn that it’s ok to fail

When playing tennis, you necessarily lose at some point. Of course, the loss can be big or small; it can be a point, a game, a set, a match, or even a tournament. However, it is not because you lose a point, a game or a set that the match is over.

Consequently, it is capital to learn that failure is not an end, and that you can get back up on your feet after it arrives. When playing tennis, you must learn not to be overwhelmed by emotions when you lose, to be able to turn the match around. Once your kid has learnt that, he will be able to apply it to other areas of his life – coherently, picking up some life skills through tennis along the way! So, what’s stopping you from starting kids tennis lessons for your children now?

  1. He will take responsibility for his actions

Tennis is a predominantly individualistic game. When things go wrong, there are no team mates or a bad racket to blame, just yourself (or your partner in doubles, of course!). On the contrary, when you win, you also have no one else to congratulate but yourself.

Being able to take full responsibility for your actions and their outcome is a fantastic skill to have in life. Your focus should be on how to keep improving rather than stay stuck in emotions. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  1. He will be aware of himself

When playing tennis, you should remain aware of yourself at all times. Are your feet placed correctly? Will your racket hit the ball from the best angle? Where should you aim to trick your opponent? The surface you are playing on, as well as your opponent’s game also must be analysed.

Tennis forces you to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in order to win and improve. This is certainly a skill that can be applied to many other things in life, like school or work, for example.

  1. He will develop mental strength

If tennis requires a good deal of physical strength, it is also very demanding on the mind. Being fast and strong will not make you the best player out there. Throughout the match, your kid will learn how to stay in control of his emotions, not to feel overwhelmed by over-confidence when winning a point or a set and, on the contrary, not to lose all hope when one is lost.

In addition, tennis requires you to analyses how your opponent plays in order to adapt your strategy and defeat him. With every point, the way the ball is hit has to be carefully thought about, and you decide beforehand where it will land on the other side. Apply these skills in life, and you’re in for a win!

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