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Character Development Throughout Tennis

Much more than a sport, tennis is also a positive to shape the character of a person. Tennis is very much a physical game, but it also requires a lot of mental stamina and focused dedication while learning the rules and structure of the game. This is something that is excellent for character building and development.

Many aspects of a good tennis player are important factors in having a well rounded personality that benefit every aspect of life. Some key character attributes that one develops when they play tennis include:

  • Confident: tennis players need to have a certain amount of confidence and self-assurance in their abilities on the court. The more one practices tennis, the more unshakable this confidence becomes, giving them resilience in other elements of life as well.
  • Determined: if a tennis player isn’t determined, they won’t keep on getting back on the court time and time again. Determination happens when players push through struggles and hardships that arise on the court in order to pursue their ultimate goals.
  • Focus: tennis is a sport of focus and engagement. This mental concentration linked to the physical movements on the court are a really good way to encourage the mind and body to work in harmony. This focus is great in everyday life to stay concentrated on something.
  • Resilient: not everyone wins every game of tennis, that is just the nature of the sport. However, just become you lose one game, doesn’t mean you won’t play again. Just because you hit one bad stroke, doesn’t mean you give up the game completely. These are things that tennis players have to deal with each time they are on the court. Learning to keep playing no matter what and to keep coming back to the court is excellent for building a resilient character.
  • Respectful: the overall aim of a tennis player is to win their match. However, when this isn’t the case, tennis players don’t get angry or mad. They don’t belittle their opponent or blame someone else for their loss. Rather, they learn to acknowledge the strength of the other play and thank them for a good game. This type of respect is important for character development in any part of life.
  • Toughness: tennis players are both mentally and physically tough. They go through a lot of focus and determination in training and in each game they play. Having this mental strength keeps tennis players focused in other areas of their life. Being physically tough is good for gross motor skill development and general health and wellbeing levels.
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