Choosing the Best Tennis Camp For Your Kid

Choosing the Best Tennis Camp For Your Kid


One of the best learning principles around is immersion. Immersive practices is when you have a sole focus on one key area of interest and dedicate a certain amount of time to just that. Whether it is languages learning or gaining a new skill or playing a sport, immersion makes a big difference in the short term to long term goals that have been set.


For these reasons, tennis camps for children are a great option to fast track some tennis skills, engage with the sport in a new manner, and also develop social and emotional skills in the camp environment. There are many excellent tennis camps around that are a very productive and active way for children to spend their time.


When it comes to choosing the best tennis camp for your kid, obviously parents have many questions. Here are some things that you should keep an eye for when researching and selecting tennis camps to make sure everything looks right for your child.


How long has the camp been around?


When you first look at a tennis academy, make sure you pay attention to when it started. If they have an ongoing record over many years, it is likely to be a successful place. If they have just started, pay close attention to what other people have said about the camp.


Are the staff qualified?


When you invest in a tennis camp, you really want your child to gain a lot from it. So, it is important to know the coaches who will be working with your child and coaching them on new skills. For this reason, find out the staff credentials and what background and experiences they have themselves.


What is the student to staff ratio?


Again, when you invest in a tennis camp, you are entitled to have high expectations. A part of delivering a quality program is having enough staff to provide intensive and comprehensive coaching. This can’t be done if one staff member is attending to too many children at once. Make sure you enquire about the student to staff ratio before committing.


What philosophy does the camp have?


Here is where camps have the most major difference. Some camps will be all about coaching for 6 hours straight a day, whereas other might have a more balanced and recreational approach. Either is fine, but it needs to be the right fit for your child’s skill set, talents, and personality. Make sure your child is comfortable with the philosophy of the camp.


What are the facilities at the camp?


As much as you want your child to learn new tennis skills and gain a lot out of this camp, you also want them to be comfortable. So it is important to know the facilities around the camp, such as the sleeping arrangement, the dining area, and the recreational areas. If possible, have a look at the campsite in person before committing to it.