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The Importance of Holding Serve

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The Importance of Holding Serve

The Importance of Holding Serve

There is only one way that a game of tennis starts, and that is with the serve. Basically, a serve, otherwise known as a service shot, is the swing that starts the game. The player serving the ball needs to hit it diagonally across the court, aiming for the ball to land in the service square on the opposite side of the net. From here, the opponent returns the serve and the game has officially started.

Serving the ball in tennis does offer some sorts of advantages. Being able to hold the serve and maintain the starting shot can give players more confidence and more control over the game. There are many reasons why holding the serve is important and here we will discuss some of these.

First and foremost, the server of a tennis game is at the advantage that they have the first opportunity to strike. This means that the server can be a bit strategic and have offensive control over the shots. In turn, the server can essential dictate the rhythm of the point they are serving on. When holding the serve through the game, the server therefore has more of a say over each point.

The ultimate intention of the server in tennis is to ensure their opponent remains neutral. When serving, you are really setting your opponent up for a weaker return so that they have less decision on what happens for your returning serve. The more serves that you hold throughout a game, the more force and strength you have here.

Holding the serve, even for just half the game, is a great way for players to boost their confidence and feel more strength in breaking back to get the serve on their side again if the opponent takes it away. If a player manages to hold the serve well enough, they can even win a whole set on their own serve.

All in all, the serve in tennis offers a major advantage that brings with it a lot of momentum. This momentum can be a very useful driving force in playing the game well and winning more points. The longer the serve is in your court, the more confidence you should have to dictate the points and let your opponent know what type of game is being played. This is plenty of reason to keep practicing service shots and making sure they are a key element of your tennis game.

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