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Private Tennis Lesson Versus Group Tennis Lesson. Which is better for you?

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Private Tennis Lesson Versus Group Tennis Lesson. Which is better for you?

If you are thinking about starting to play tennis, you will surely be confronted to having to choose between private lessons or a group class. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Private lessons: technique at your own pace

A private tennis lesson will have you being one-on-one with your tennis instructor. This is obviously great, because all the attention will be on you. You can truly learn at your own pace, without having to level down to the slowest learner in the group. The tennis coach will also focus on exactly what you need to work on, giving you a tailored training. So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player, it is a great option if you want that focus to be on you for results!

Certain specific cases can also benefit from private tennis lessons. If you are left-handed and a beginner, for instance, a private lesson could be more beneficial. Indeed, sometimes the instructor will ask the group to stand in a corner of the court and hit forehands – that would not work the same for you!

Last, but not least, private tennis lessons are the most likely to work for you if you have a busy schedule and are not available during traditional group classes times. An instructor is more likely to take you on early in the morning or late at night if you are booking a one-on-one session with him.

Get back into shape thanks to group tennis classes

As the name suggests, in a group class, whether you are a kid or adult learner, you will be taught how to play along with several other players. This can be interesting in many ways. When playing around other people, it is easier to notice what mistakes they are making than to acknowledge your own mistakes. Seeing what others are doing wrong, and how it is corrected by the instructor can help you make progress quicker.

Group lessons are also usually more fun, dynamic and allows you to make friends who can become playing partners for that extra weekend session! When you are just starting and especially if you are out of shape, group lessons are also a good choice, as they will be less physically challenging. Remember, make sure to choose the right group for your level when you sign up. You don’t want to be joining an advanced tennis group when you are looking for beginner tennis lessons!

Finally, group lessons are the most cost-effective for players on a budget. With more players on court, you get to interact with others, learn from their mistakes, and have fun! What better way than that correct?

Get the best of both worlds!

As we have just seen, both private tennis lessons and group classes have advantages inherent to their nature. As such, the best of strategies for any individual’s development would be to opt for a mix of both forms of training.

Focus on your technique and strengthen your weaknesses in a private lesson, and put everything you have learned in practice during a group class. There are plenty of academies and tennis coaches in Singapore – whether you are an adult or looking for a tennis lesson for your kid, choose wisely and make sure you start at the right place! While private lessons will give you great skills, group classes are an amazing way to test yourself against different players and to experience different types of game, like doubles. After all, tennis is a social sport and why pick up a sport if you are always going to be playing with the tennis coach only!

Lastly, above all, the most important thing will be to choose your instructor and tennis coach carefully, and to get a good feeling and relationship with him. Understand the tennis program that is being offered. You want to be learning the basics correctly from instructors that know their stuff. As the saying goes, “where you start, determines how you play.” Hence, don’t pinch over a couple of dollars if it gets you on your way; so start your tennis journey with Future Sports today!

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