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The Role of Tennis Coaches in Tennis Players’ Development

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The Role of Tennis Coaches in Tennis Players’ Development


The game of tennis has gradually become a sport that has become popular in Singapore. Tennis comprises a lot of different aspects. It is just more than two players who come on a court to hit a ball – it is much more difficult than what it seems. Asides the different players who are involved, players have started to understand the importance of a Tennis Coach. Over time, the tennis coach has gradually started to become an important stakeholder in the life of tennis enthusiasts wanting to learn the game.

All the top tennis players have attributed a lot of aspects of their personal development to the effect of their tennis coaches. The effect of a tennis coach in Singapore can be likened to the effect of a school teacher on a student. They are the people who are responsible for taking a lot of tennis players from the amateur phase and transform them into seasoned professionals. The role of the coach is not just about cheering the players on. The role of the coach can be summarized into five aspects.

  • Persuasion – A tennis coach is responsible for persuading the tennis player to undertake certain challenges or sign contracts. Every coach is to have the power of persuasion because they would be responsible for instigating these players to take the bold steps that would propel their career.
  • Evaluation – This can be said to be the most important and common role of tennis coaches. The coach is responsible for the evaluation of every aspect of the tennis player’s life. They will evaluate their performance during matches, their training and even their diet. It is through this evaluation that they would be able to advise the player. Their evaluation can make or break their career.
  • Provision of information – Information is vital to the success of every player. The information given by a coach can be info of updates on upcoming matches, training evaluation report, advice on upcoming matches and so on. This information forms a huge part of the tennis player’s life.
  • Motivate and Inspire – There comes a time in the life of every tennis player where they experience a huge loss or life changing event. The tennis coach is to get the player back on the right track. They do this by motivating and inspiring them using the best means possible to them. A lot of tennis players have attributed their success to the motivational role of their coaches.
  • Solve problems – Tennis is not a sport without its own bottle necks and challenges. The challenges may be in form of a tough opponent or long stretches of matches. The coach works with the tennis player to go around these problems. The coach is responsible for analyzing such problems and providing the advice that would eliminate that problem. A close look at players who easily overcome their challenges would reveal that their coaches have been instrumental to their success.

Every aspiring tennis player has the dream to grow from an amateur to a professional. A tennis coach is instrumental in growing the players through the different ups and downs in the sport. The tennis coach can be said to be the most important aspect of the professional life of every tennis player.

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