Tennis Lessons in Singapore

Tennis Lessons in Singapore


Time in physical development. Tennis is an extremely athletic sport and is great for hand-eye coordination, muscle development, cardio fitness, and agility. It is a whole body workout with excellent benefits all around.

Finding deciding to take on tennis lessons in Singapore, whether as an adult or a child, is an exciting a good company to have tennis lessons with is the first step towards committing to the sport. There are many tennis lessons available across Singapore that cater for different skills, different ages, and different levels of tennis. With so many options available, it can be hard to narrow down the choices.

Here are some tips to help you understand the different things you can get out of a tennis lesson and what will work best for you.

Types of lessons available

First of all, there are many ways to learn tennis. Some people learn better in a group setting, so might prefer group tennis lessons with 3-4 other people. Others rather learn on their own and gain more out of private tennis lessons. These types of lessons are also more available, and may cost a little extra. Of course, you can always have both group and private lessons to mix it up throughout the week.

What level of tennis do you want to play?

Tennis lessons come in a variety of levels. This is so that people of all skills can find something right for them. Lessons are great for children who are just starting out, or adults playing for the first time or reconnecting with the sport. In beginner tennis lessons, the more basic skills such as footwork and hitting techniques will be the main focus.

In more advanced and intermediate lessons, there will be more focus on refining skills and introducing new racket holds. These lessons may be more intense and have more agility drills to improve footwork and exercises to improve cardio.

Some other tennis lessons, such as group lessons, might have the scope for social competitions and games. These types of lessons are more enjoyable for people already have some tennis skills and really just want something low-key to let them have fun while getting fit. It is also a great way to socialise and meet other people with a similar interest in tennis.

Are you interested in tennis camps or clinics?

Across Singapore, another fun and engaging way to have tennis lessons is to attend a tennis camp or tennis clinic. These are more high intensity, drill based lessons that are highly immersive and focus on getting better at tennis in a quickened manner. They are a great way to build up confidence and competence on the court. These types of lessons are best done in conjunction with ongoing tennis lessons throughout the years so that the skillset continues to grow.