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Importance of Building the Correct Fundamentals in Your Game

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Importance of Building the Correct Fundamentals in Your Game

Woman and male tennis instructor practicing racket control on tennis court

Tennis is very much a skilled-based game that will require you to engage a tennis coach in Singapore for professional tennis lessons to get better. It requires physical strength, growth, and development. Without a solid understanding and grasp on the basic skills, it is hard to progress in any direction with tennis lessons in Singapore.

It is highly important to build the correct fundamentals in your tennis game. This encompasses everything from the right tennis techniques, to the correct grip on the racket, and the right frame of mind to enjoy tennis. This sport is both a mental and physical game.

Although it can frustrate beginner tennis players, setting up the fundamentals of tennis will make a big difference later on. If you don’t know the rules and the strokes being on the court doesn’t make much sense. Tennis might look easy when the professionals play on TV, but the game is much more complex.

First, let us look at the physical fundamentals of tennis. These include the strokes, grips, and footwork that set you up for each point.

  • Strokes include the techniques needed to hit the ball at different angles and speeds
  • Footwork is the movement needed to move from one part of the court to the other at different speeds
  • Physical fitness and conditioning is all about your muscle strength, toning, speed, and stamina
  • The physical equipment needed is the racket, ball, correct shoes, and comfortable sporting attire

In terms of the strokes, the key fundamental stroke is the forehand. This is the most commonly used stroke in playing tennis. There are different grips to learn, including the semi-western grip, the western grip, the eastern grip, and the continental grip. Having a strong grasp on the semi-western and eastern grip is best in setting up the fundamentals of a tennis game. Other grips are used for the backhand, the tennis serve, volleys, and being able to hit the ball with spin.

For the footwork fundamentals in tennis, maintaining a proper balance is essential. Being able to move on the ball of your feet makes all the difference. Practicing this with quick, rapid movements and small jumps is useful for the fundamentals.

When it comes to physical fitness, there are many elements of conditioning that need to be taken into consideration. These include flexibility, agility, speed, stamina, and coordination. Without some work on these fundamentals in the early days of playing tennis, keeping up with the pace of new opponents will prove more challenging.

Finally, having the right equipment is important. Starting off your tennis journey with comfortable fundamentals in physical equipment will contribute positively. This includes having a comfortable tennis racket that is the correct size and well fitted for either an adult or junior tennis player, supportive tennis shoes. Choose a professional tennis coach in Singapore that will teach you the fundamentals of tennis wisely, while you take tennis lessons in Singapore with ease and simplicity!

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