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News and Events

Follow the Future Sports Academies latest news – Get updated and informed on the latest events from the tennis academy in Singapore. Find out tips, inspiration or simply updates on the tennis scene in Singapore and at the tennis academy in general!

November 19, 2017 / General

The Open Stance VS The Closed Stance

As much about leg work as it is about arm work, tennis is a sport that requires the whole body to work in sync with itself. Different shots, such as...
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November 18, 2017 / General

The Importance of Holding Serve

There is only one way that a game of tennis starts, and that is with the serve. Basically, a serve, otherwise known as a service shot, is the swing that...
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November 17, 2017 / General

Tennis in Singapore

Tennis lessons Singapore – Tennis lessons for kids is great for hand-eye coordination, muscle development, cardio fitness, and agility. It is a whole-body workout with excellent benefits all around. Finding...
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November 16, 2017 / General

Tennis Instructors in Singapore

A truly enjoyable sport and something that is excellent for physical development, energy levels, and a fun way to socialise, tennis is something that people of all ages love and...
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November 15, 2017 / General

How Often Should a Junior Tennis Player Train?

All great tennis players have to start somewhere, and most typically that is on the junior (mini) court. There are many different levels of junior tennis, for those wanting to...
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November 14, 2017 / General

How Many Private Lessons/Group Lessons Should a Junior Player Have In a Week?

When talent is recognised on the tennis court, it is something certainly worth pursuing. Tennis can not only make for a potential career, but it is something that offers a...
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November 13, 2017 / General

Choosing the Best Tennis Camp For Your Kid

Junior tennis camps in Singapore is a great way to keep your kids occupied during the holidays. Choose a tennis academy in Singapore that is child-friendly and reputable! One of...
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November 12, 2017 / General

4 Lessons We Can Learn From Roger Federer on Corporate Reinvention

From beginners’ tennis to competitive level and from the tennis court to watching the big name stars play on the TV, there is one idol of tennis that just about...
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November 9, 2017 / General

What is the Best Age to Start Playing Tennis

In terms of tennis, age is rather relative. It is a sport that can be picked up by anyone, at any age, so long as you are feeling fit and...
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November 8, 2017 / General

Treatment and Prevention of Tennis Elbow

A truly fun and engaging sport, tennis is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from all walks of life. Tennis can be both competitive or relaxing,...
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